July 10, 2018 1 min read


"Take control of your life, shake it up and start listening to your guts."

Anab’s story starts in Somalia, a country that her parents have to abandon due to the Civil war. They fly to Ethiopia and shortly after, Anab was born. When she is only two weeks old, her father decides to move to Sweden in the hope of a better life for his family. A few years later, they manage to be together again but they live as refugees.


Born as a motorcycle mechanic, Ian took control of his life more than once. He decided to follow his passion and become a professional motorbike rider. 'I started winning from the very beginning, and soon I was the one who set the winning records throughout most races in the Isle of Man TT festival in 2010, achieving five solo wins.'


Casey knew since she was 14 that she would be in the Olympics in 1996 and that she would win. With her daily five-hour training since she was a kid and a perfect swimmer body, it comes as no surprise when she qualified. 

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